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How an Eco-Friendly Shed Makes a Dream House for Your Kids

Making dream house for kids Source: K.Hardy

A real-life doll house is nearly every little girl's dream, while every little boy wants a clubhouse. An eco-friendly garden shed can fill either role, while its modern style and lines match your home and beautify your yard.

Today's play houses are not the rickety shacks we might remember as kids. While plastic structures are still common, these lack flexibility to change with your child's interests, and look like a child's toy in your backyard.

If you entertain frequently in your yard and want to create a picturesque retreat in your backyard, a plastic playhouse is nothing less than an eyesore, no matter how much your children may enjoy it.

Garden Sheds Become Dream House for Kids

Every girl wants a place to pretend to cook, put dolls down for naps, and create their own home just like Mommy's. Boys, of course, want a clubhouse to do... well, whatever boys do in club houses, which is mostly hide from the girls.

A small eco-friendly garden shed, like our Daisy 10 X 10 model, looks just like a real house, sparking the imaginations of little boys and little girls everywhere.

Ideas to Decorate a Girl's Wood Shed Play House

Let your little girl choose her own curtains for the window from old curtains you have, or take her to a thrift shop or bargain store to select her own designs.

Add her play kitchen, doll's crib and high chair, and a wooden table set, and you've created the ultimate dream home. Toy stores sell fun children's furniture, including couches and easy chairs, adorned with your child's favorite characters. Set up a few of these for a living area, with a fun, themed character throw rug. Inexpensive, colorful storage ottomans work great for toy storage and as end tables or extra seating. Don't forget to add an old dresser, a trunk, or child-size armoire for dress-up gear.

The little artist might add an easel and storage for crayons, markers, paper and glue, and, of course, sidewalk chalk to step outside her dream home and decorate the patio.

Most importantly, let your child decorate her dream house in her own style, with the toys she loves. Everything stays secure in your locking garden shed, so you can leave toys out throughout the season.

With shelter from the sun and the wind, your little girl will spend more time in her playhouse, extending the length of outdoor play seasons. Consider solar task lighting to conserve energy and eliminate the need to wire the shed with electricity. The Plexiglas panes on the door let in enough natural light during daytime, anyway, so your child can play for hours on sunny days.

Creating the Ultimate Boy-Cave

What would you put in a boy-cave if you had the chance? Would your little boy like it to be the ultimate superhero hide-out? Sports fan paradise? Or a video gamer's great escape?

Because our eco-friendly sheds make it easy to add electricity, you can add a video game system and small TV monitor, giving a whole new meaning to the directive, "Go play outside."

You can decorate in the colors of your son's favorite sports team, add comfy bean bag chairs, and provide a storage locker for sports equipment, so it's easy to access but out of the way.

An air hockey or foosball table fits perfectly in even a 10 X 10 shed (or get a larger shed for a fold-up ping-pong table) encouraging physical activity and fun competition.

Garden Shed Playhouses Grow With Your Children

Superheroes and dolls won't always be your children's favorite playthings. But you can create a home theater in the garden shed with plenty of teen friendly seating, a mini fridge stocked with snacks and favorite beverages, and your home will be the place everyone gathers.

The Plexiglas-paned doors and multiple options for windows on each side provide the means for discrete adult supervision when teens are hanging out.

Add On To Your Child's Dream Home

Our eco-friendly garden sheds come with options to add a veranda, which adds beautiful symmetry to the Daisy ECO garden shed's overhang, shutters for the windows, or additional windows to fit your needs and to create the look you want.

When the Children Grow, You Have a Stylish, Useful Shed

Made from long-lasting garden spruce, the Daisy wood shed will last for decades. When your children outgrow it, easily re-purpose it into an:

  • Outdoor living room
  • Outdoor dining area
  • Pool house
  • Storage shed

Eco Garden Shed or Plastic Toy House?

To summarize, let's compare some of the pros and cons of these plastic playhouses to an eco-friendly wood garden shed that will last as long as your home.

Pros of Plastic Playhouses

  • Easy to clean with a garden hose
  • Designed just for kids
  • Relatively inexpensive

Cons of Plastic Playhouses

  • Limited lifespan
  • Doesn't grow with your child
  • Looks like a toy in your yard
  • Cannot be modified for different purposes when your child outgrows it
  • When you're done with the product, it ends up in a landfill, where it decomposes very slowly
  • New research shows that even BPA-free plastics may release hormone-like chemicals, which can adversely affect young children. The release of these chemicals is amplified when plastic is left in the sun.

Pros to ECO Friendly Garden Sheds

  • Sustainable wood is long-lasting and safe, not made with chemicals
  • A wood shed can change with your children's interests, so they will get years of enjoyment from it
  • Even the smallest wood shed is larger than a plastic playhouse
  • Can be customized to match your child's interests
  • Designed to match the lines and style of your home, beautifying your yard
  • Your shed can be re-purposed into a storage shed, pool house or family room when your children outgrow it
  • Better long-term investment for your money; raises the re-sale value of your home

Dawn Allcot is a mom-of-two who tries to live as sustainably as possible on Long Island, through energy efficient home remodeling projects, gardening and conservation. She writes extensively about green living and energy efficiency at MyMove, and has covered eco-friendly remodeling for publications like Bella, ParentSociety, and Worship Facilities Magazine. Dawn on Google+


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