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  • Eco Friendly Lighting Brings Confusion

    It's difficult to ascertain fact from fiction when the focus includes two very divided political parties. In the U.S., many could argue that our leaders have never been more divided – nor have ulterior motives ever been so evident. Unfortunately, when it comes to eco friendly lighting – or anything to do with the environment – it can be tough to figure out where the motives are. This week, we take a look at the controversy and both sides of the argument. Let Freedom Ring The July 4th festivities are still a few weeks away, but one area where Americans not longer have choices is in its light bulb purchases. Specifically, in January, new efficiency requirements were announced and as a...
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  • E-Cycling: The Push for Green Technology

    We know how important the green initiative technology is in today's modern society. For some, especially those who've come to appreciate the many benefits of an eco friendly lifestyle building or environmentally garden shed, they find themselves digging deeper and adopting new habits. These green habits continue to expand and emerge and they extend far deeper than their environmentally safe sheds and storage buildings. This week, we take a look at a few of those advances in recent months, beginning with e-cycling. What is E-Cycling? As we know, electronic products have grown substantially over the past couple of decades. This technology, of course, has changed our lives as a whole. We're not a global society of "right now" folks who'd probably...
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  • Eco Friendly and Living Green Redefined

    Before you dismiss an eco-friendly lifestyle and before you choose the traditional metal sheds over the eco friendly pool sheds, take a look at a few of these fast facts. It's time the image of environmentally-friendly as a whole shifts away from the tree hugger images of the early 1990s. As Richard Kujawski, managing editor of LivingGreenMag.com, puts it, "Living green has turned the corner from a fad or a vestige of the hippy days." Today's green living families are embracing better solutions, saving money while doing so, and of course, making a powerful contribution to the green movement. Green Living is Healthy Living In 2001, a family of four made the decision to adopt healthier living habits. Because of a...
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  • 5 Ways to Create Perfect Eco Garden Office

    There are times when individuals who work at home have to make a major decision when life changes occur. One of the most common changes is when a child is born and requires the office space to be used as a bedroom. For someone who works at home, this can be painful because that private office space is needed for productivity reasons. This type of scenario presents quite the debate between whether or not to add a room onto the home or move. Both of these scenarios are time consuming and can be expensive. When it comes to moving, there is the issue of having to sell the home. At the same time, work has to continue during that period to...
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  • Eco Friendly Living - Redefining the Good Life

    The number of Americans who are thinking big by going smaller is exploding. One look at a search engine's results tells the tale. Builders report they're being asked to abandon the "McMansion" theory in lieu of houses that buyers can pay cash for – with no mortgage whatsoever. In fact, many are bypassing the builders in their entirety and opting for creating their own eco friendly living spaces. They're choosing eco friendly design elements and more of our customers are asking just how realistic it is to go green, have a new modern living space without the massive expense and with a quicker turnaround time. We're not surprised; not really, because there's been one very clear (though not often reported)...
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  • Eco Friendly Landscaping

    For those who are just getting into green living, I envy you. When I first began shifting my own thoughts to the environment and really, I began with just the thought of doing one or two little things in my efforts of "protecting the environment", I had no idea just how massive the movement was. I was – and still am – in awe. It's an incredibly rich sector with ideas and tips that still make me think, "Why haven't I been doing this all along?" Our eco friendly lifestyle buildings, garden sheds and pool houses are made with quality and attention to detail and the feedback we receive from customers tells us that we're definitely making a huge contribution...
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  • Extending Your Eco-Friendly Efforts with Feng Shui

    So your new eco-friendly pool house has arrived, you've had it assembled and now you're getting ready to add the personal touches that will allow it to blend seamlessly with your landscaping efforts and the looks of your home's exteriors. Many of consumers are committed to a balanced life and even though the "trendy" fell off of feng shui several years ago, there remain those who are as committed today as they've ever been. This post serves two purposes: choosing materials for any accessories you want to add – custom shutters, trellises and other add-ons and choosing feng shui colors that will lend to your efforts of a more balanced life. Keep reading – we've got tips and ideas that...
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  • Solar Energy Not Pretty Enough for HOAs?

    For many, the thought of having to answer to a homeowner's association when it comes to decisions about one's home feels invasive. After all, you're the one making the payments, right? Still, there are those who like the idea of knowing the property values aren't going to be affected by a neighbor's procrastination on everything lawn- related. Indeed, there are a lot of reasons why homeowners associations are a fine choice. But what happens after you purchase your eco friendly garden shed or solar energy panels and want to extend your green living lifestyle into other aspects of your property but a group of people have decided it's not good for the neighborhood? Solar Energy Smart Today & Future The logical...
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