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Functional and attractive, the natural wood Fiji is just the right size (8x8) for those looking for practical storage solutions for their lawn mowers, bicycles, lawn and patio furniture and much more. It's a great addition to any outdoor living space and the eco-friendly factor makes it a fine choice for everyone. The double doors are convenient for housing oversized equipment, including riding lawnmowers, and the classic window panes that extend down 2/3 of the way provide natural lighting for the more than 54 sq. ft. of storage space. Many choose the Fiji for its natural lighting, which makes it fine choice for a garden shed, as well. It's strong and sturdy without compromising the natural wood beauty and simplicity of the green design.

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The Fiji garden shed - practical and versatile storage solution - is perfect for those looking for a smaller storage shed. The double doors make it easy to access and the absence of windows ensures privacy.

An Extension of Your Home

The Fiji is constructed of the same eco-friendly, natural wood all of our products are made with. This is a truly functional design that's just right for with the homeowner who simply needs safe storage options. The double doors makes it easy to pull riding lawnmowers in from the elements as well as four wheelers, jet skis and other oversized equipment. While it's made for function, it can easily be transformed from a visual aspect to present as part of your overall outdoor living space. Many owners paint or stain their Fiji to match their homes while others add a nice walkway or a lovely, seamless look.

Many homeowners are limited in their options due to their city's zoning requirements or their homeowner's associations. This particular storage shed is often the right solution that allows them to remain in compliance with the various zoning considerations. The Fiji is designed without floors; however, you can add them on as an optional purchase or if you prefer, you can choose regular plywood, as that works well too.

Another reason the Fiji all natural wood shed is a popular choice is found in its easy construction. Assembling efforts are simple and because of our commitment to excellence, your boards are cut to fit perfectly. No need for glue or nails during the assembly process. The eco-friendly Norway Spruce wood means your building is low maintenance free and designed to last for many years. Whether you paint it or stain it - or even if you like the clean presentation absent color - it's all about visual appeal. The Fiji is one of our most popular models and as you'll see, it's all about function and versatility.

Unlike metal buildings, your Fiji garden shed will never rust and in fact, will look as good ten years from now as it does today. Because the only predictable fact in life is the unpredictability, we design our all natural wood sheds to withstand the toughest weather elements. Our sheds are found on properties around the country, from the humid deep south to the cold Montana mountains, you can be sure our materials undergo rigorous testing before they become part of our garden shed kits - and part of your property.

How People are Using The Fiji

As mentioned, the double doors are attractive and you'd be surprised at how often the Fiji is used for a small fruit stand or other similar uses. Others need the space to store seasonal and holiday decorations or to house boxes that are no longer in the garage, which means you can finally use it in the way it was intended: to park your car.

What to Look For

Before you purchase your Eco Garden Shed - or for that matter, any shed at all, there are a few things you'll want to look for. Keep these tips in mind to ensure you purchase the right Eco Garden Shed for your needs:

  • Be sure you understand how much space you actually have. Don't assume a certain size will work with the space you have available.
  • Also, what will you be using your garden shed for? What purpose do you want it to serve? If you can see your needs changing through the years, be sure you're choosing the right size. For instance, if its initial use is to store bicycles and go karts, what can you see it functioning as after the kids are grown?
  • Thinking of installing shelves? Work benches? If so, be sure to keep in mind the space those additions will take. Be sure your shed's size will accommodate the loss of space that those types of additions will require.

If your needs include a durable home for your gardening tools, pool accessories, boating equipment or other similar items, the Fiji just might be exactly what you need. Remember - part of your reason for buying a storage shed is add organization to your life. The Fiji is a simple design created just for those who need a little extra space.

If you want to take your storage options to the next level, consider adding shelving, storage bins and even pegboards. It can make the most of unused wall space and you can maximize the overhead storage capabilities.


SKU FIJ-28-0808-01
Primary Wood Species Nordic/ Norway Spruce (lot. Picea Abies)
Approximate Width (ft.) 8
Approximate Depth (ft.) 8
Wall Thickness inch. (mm) 1 1/8'' (28mm)
Assembled Width (ft.) 8' 16"
Assembled Depth (ft.) 8' 16"
Assembled Height (ft.) 7' 4.8"
Sidewall Height (ft.) 6' 6"
Roof Slope (Degrees) 13°
Roof Overhang (in.) 4"
Inside Are (Sq. ft.) 54.2
Storage Capacity (cu. ft.) 321
Minimum Foundation 7' 6.5" x 7' 6.5"
Number of Doors 1
Door Type Double half glazed 4'3" x 6'1" (plexiglass)
Number of Windows 0
Window Type None
Floor Boards Not included
Roof Boards 3/4'' (19mm) T&G
Shingles No
Assembly Required Yes
Package Size (ft.) W x H x L 4 x 2 x 9
Package Weight (lbs.) 992


Fiji 8 ft. x 8 ft. Blueprint


Brochure -- Fiji 8 ft. x 8 ft. Wood Shed Brochure -- PDF file size: 1.7 M

Blueprint -- Fiji 8 ft. x 8 ft. Wood Shed Blueprint -- PDF file size: 624 kb

More Information

  • For permits or other restrictions please contact your local township permit department.
  • All our products come untreated and need to be painted or stained after assembly.
  • Every shed needs good leveled foundation and required material might not be included in the kit.
  • Shingles or other roofing materials are not included.



The shipping is free to continental United States.* Free delivery is a curbside only and due to package size might not be unloaded with the lift gate, the customer is responsible for opening the package and unloading it from the truck, the separate parts are relatively light and it takes about 45 minutes for two people to unload the shed.
* Other fees and restrictions may apply


All our products have 1 year limited warranty. If you are using our assembly service we are providing 10 years limited warranty.

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