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Diverse, functional and most certainly environmentally friendly, the Lilly 10 x 10 storage unit offers everything we're looking for. Since so many of us have begun paying attention to how our choices affect the planet, the natural wood materials used in this quality storage building means we're doing our part. This design is a great selection for Mom's garden shed, a pool shed for that new pool you installed this summer or a safe place to keep those outdoor supplies. The standard window provides light and the green design provides a contribution to the environment. A nice A-frame roof completes the look.

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The Lilly Eco Garden Shed - the Lilly ECO garden shed is one of our most popular designs - and for good reason. It's a practical choice for any homeowner who needs additional storage space.

Lilly Wood

A wooden garden shed can provide you with many benefits. Many homeowners want to keep their gardening tools and supplies away from dangerous chemicals and gases so they don't contaminate their plants. Some purchase our all natural wood garden sheds to establish seedlings before moving them outdoors, thereby keeping a close watch on temperatures and while maintaining a controlled environment. The convenient single window plexiglass window allows for natural lighting for your seedlings. The single window allows for privacy, too. The solid door keeps the elements out but you can also provide decorative elements to present a more seamless connection to your home or lawn area. This model doesn't include a floor; however, if you prefer, you can easily incorporate a plywood foundation that will serve your needs. Some customers opt for tongue and groove floor solutions.

What the Lilly Offers

Before you settle on your choice, there are a lot of factors that should be considered - especially if you're using your environmentally friendly shed for your gardening or storage needs. Price is always a factor and our prices are more than competitive.

Most homeowners who are looking to use their sheds for these types of needs will often want to know if there's enough room to install a sink. The generous floor space makes that a possibility. Also, depending on where you live in the country, many also like knowing they have the option of installing a small air conditioner or heater. Both are easily accomplished. And speaking of easy to accomplish, if you wish to have a ramp leading up to the double doors, be sure to factor those dimensions in your plans. If your garden shed is unable to meet all of your needs, it's simply not the right choice.

Also, note the window built into the Lilly design. Again, this is a must-have if you're going to use your shed as a greenhouse or gardening shed. The window provides ample natural lighting but is easily covered for maximum privacy if you use your shed for storage.

Don't forget the importance of a useful gardening bench. In fact, many opt for two work benches - one in their Lilly shed and one placed on the outside of the shed. This allows for a great workspace and you go about developing your green thumb. You can also add a water spigot if you prefer for added convenience.

Growing Families, Changing Needs

But what happens if you're not looking for a garden shed, but instead, are looking for a way to extend your indoor living space? Have a growing family? Storage is one of those things in life we simply can't have too much of. And, if you're sentimental, odds are, you'd like to reclaim your closets that have been home to every finger painting project, pet rock and report card since your oldest was in kindergarten. Our wood storage sheds are perfect for keeping those chapters of our lives safe and sound. Wood sheds are always a better choice since metal sheds can increase the temperatures on the inside of the shed - and especially if it's not properly ventilated - to dangerous temperatures. Wood buildings are better for handling humidity and extremely cold temperatures, as well.

If you have a basement in your home that you're currently using for storage, you likely have either suffered water damage in the past or you live with the knowledge that it could become a reality at some point. Investing in a quality wood storage shed eliminates those concerns. In just one weekend, you can put those fears to rest for good. The same thing goes for your attic. Our Lilly storage shed is maintenance free and much easier to access when you need to find that silver set or baby bed you thought you'd not use again until you had grandchildren. It's all about opening up the options for your life and this storage shed is a fine solution.

Good for the Environment, Good for Your Budget

The Lilly is a cost effective storage solution. It's made with an all-natural wood and is built to the strict requirements of the Forest Stewardship Council. We take our responsibilities to our planet seriously and part of that responsibility is to deliver exactly what we promise.


SKU LIL-28-1010-01
Primary Wood Species Nordic/ Norway Spruce (lot. Picea Abies)
Approximate Width (ft.) 10
Approximate Depth (ft.) 10
Wall Thickness inch. (mm) 1 1/8'' (28mm)
Assembled Width (ft.) 9' 9.3"
Assembled Depth (ft.) 9' 9.3"
Assembled Height (ft.) 7' 9.1"
Sidewall Height (ft.) 6' 6"
Roof Slope (Degrees) 15°
Roof Overhang (in.) 4"
Inside Are (Sq. ft.) 81
Storage Capacity (cu. ft.) 525
Minimum Foundation 9' 2.2 x 9' 2.2"
Number of Doors 1
Door Type Single solid 2' 10' x 6' 28"
Number of Windows 1
Window Type Single front 2' 4.5'' x 2' 10.7"
Floor Boards Not included
Roof Boards 3/4'' (19mm) T&G
Shingles No
Assembly Required Yes
Package Size (ft.) W x H x L 4 x 2 x 11
Package Weight (lbs.) 1290


Lilly 10 ft. x 10 ft. Blueprint


Brochure -- Lilly 10 ft. x 10 ft. Wood Shed Brochure -- PDF file size: 1.8 M

Blueprint -- Lilly 10 ft. x 10 ft. Wood Shed Blueprint -- PDF file size: 667 kb

More Information

  • For permits or other restrictions please contact your local township permit department.
  • All our products come untreated and need to be painted or stained after assembly.
  • Every shed needs good leveled foundation and required material might not be included in the kit.
  • Shingles or other roofing materials are not included.



The shipping is free to continental United States.* Free delivery is a curbside only and due to package size might not be unloaded with the lift gate, the customer is responsible for opening the package and unloading it from the truck, the separate parts are relatively light and it takes about 45 minutes for two people to unload the shed.
* Other fees and restrictions may apply


All our products have 1 year limited warranty. If you are using our assembly service we are providing 10 years limited warranty.

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