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With a strong focus on the environment, the natural wood used in the Paradise unit ensures we're all doing our part for the planet. Because of its size and window placement, this is a fine choice for the neighborhood gardeners to meet and discuss seasonal plants, coordinate a community compost bin or it might be home to that father and son boat or car project that's going to impress the entire neighborhood. It's all about living life to the fullest with attention to what we're doing to planet Earth. The Paradise is a versatile and affordable choice that is "can't miss".

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Paradise Pool House - consider the Paradise as an extension of your home's living space. This model makes a fine pool house or guest cottage.

The Paradise is contemporary, smart and a great lifestyle solution for homeowners who are looking for an affordable way to add living space to their home. It makes a great guest house, rental cottage pool house or home gym. With more than 7' in height, it's also a comfortable choice that is ideal for additional living space. It even looks like a cottage with its classic A frame roof design, multiple functioning windows, double doors - which are half glazed and is a lovely contrast- and overall beautiful presentation.

With a focus on doing good for the environment, your investment in the Paradise is not only a smart financial move, but because you're buying from a company whose products are FSC certified, you know it's an eco-friendly choice too. Consider the fact that you'll be breathing air that isn't tainted with formaldehyde, which is often used in storage sheds - it's a safe choice as well.

Endless Uses

The Paradise all natural wood building hosts a multitude of uses. From an aesthetic perspective, the unique look courtesy of the absence of an overhang and the contemporary roof design, is an attractive choice. While many see it as an inviting guest cottage, others choose it to house a small wood carving business, a fruit stand, a yoga studio, an art pottery studio. In fact, so spacious is the Paradise that many are often used as rental houses for a single person or newlyweds. That's simply part of the versatility we take such pride in providing our customers.

Moms tell us they have once again begun using their garage to park their cars after spending the weekend relocating all of the "stuff" her family had accumulated and then abandoned in her parking space. Dads tell us naming it "Paradise" was nothing short of genius as that's exactly how they describe their new man caves, complete with big screen TV and shelves that accommodate all the junk food their wives won't allow in the house.

The Paradise is a smart investment that won't break the bank. It's an instant solution and can be erected over a weekend, so that you don't run out of time before your guests arrive for the summer. The engineering is flawless and each panel has a laser precision so that you're not dealing with gaps or exposed areas.

Maybe the kids are getting a bit older and want to take their sleepovers to the next level - nothing's more fun than all night girl talk, right? The Paradise easily accommodates a number of teenage girls whose topics of choice are the high school football captains and the latest fashion trends at the mall.

The point is it's all about remaining versatile and adaptable. The Paradise is both and no matter what you ultimately use it for, there's a certain peace of mind in knowing that the quality will ensure you have many years to convert it to suit whatever needs you have at that point. It's a lifestyle choice.

Think traditional or think modern - the Paradise can transform your outdoor living space into an inviting oasis that's sure to become the favorite seat in the house. Pool side, bar-b-ques or a green thumb that provides a stunning visual, the Paradise is a perfect fit.

Things to Watch For

Even with all of these incredible features, there are a few stumbling blocks you might encounter. While we can't provide the solutions, we can give you a head's up of what you might discover after completing your eco-safe buildings:

- Expect guests to go from an overnight stay to those who opt to remain your guests for the entire weekend. We suspect this has to do with the comfortable accommodations and quality that's evident in their Paradise guest cottage.

- You might hear your recently graduated college senior make this announcement: "Why do I need to buy a house? Mom and Dad have that great cottage out back." Again, we feel your pain - you might want to call first dibs on the great cottage out back.

- And finally, brace yourself, you just might find yourself having to come to terms with an announcement like this:

"Honey, I'm home! Guess what?! Mom's coming to stay with us for the winter!"

The best we can recommend in those cases is to barricade yourself in your Paradise wood shed and hope for the best. It's just for a few months, right?

Remember, the past decade has taught us much about our commitment to the environment. Many companies are promising environmentally safe efforts, but not all have the backing of the FSC. ECO Garden Sheds is FSC certified. Our products are quality made - and it's our belief that it shouldn't cost more. We strive for affordability with no compromises in our commitment to the environment or our commitment to our customers. Use your Paradise building as you see fit and rest easy knowing it's a smart investment that will pay off for many years. See for yourself what "raising the bar" really feels like.


SKU PAR-28-1210-01
Primary Wood Species Nordic/ Norway Spruce (lot. Picea Abies)
Approximate Width (ft.) 12
Approximate Depth (ft.) 10
Wall Thickness inch. (mm) 1 1/8'' (28mm)
Assembled Width (ft.) 12' 5.6"
Assembled Depth (ft.) 9' 9.3"
Assembled Height (ft.) 8' 2.4"
Sidewall Height (ft.) 7' 0.4"
Roof Slope (Degrees) 14˚
Roof Overhang (in.) 7.5"
Inside Are (Sq. ft.) 105
Storage Capacity (cu. ft.) 733
Minimum Foundation 11' 10.5" x 9' 2.2"
Number of Doors 1
Door Type Double half glazed 4'3" x 6'1" (plexiglass)
Number of Windows 2
Window Type Double Side 4'6" x 3' ; Single Front 2'3" x 3'
Floor Boards 3/4'' (19mm) T&G
Roof Boards 3/4'' (19mm) T&G
Shingles No
Assembly Required Yes
Package Size (ft.) W x H x L 4 x 2 x 13
Package Weight (lbs.) 1543


Paradise 10x12 Blueprints


Brochure -- Paradise 12 ft. x 10 ft. Wood Shed Brochure -- PDF file size: 1.5 M

Blueprint -- Paradise 12 ft. x 10 ft. Wood Shed Blueprint -- PDF file size: 628 kb

More Information

  • For permits or other restrictions please contact your local township permit department.
  • All our products come untreated and need to be painted or stained after assembly.
  • Every shed needs good leveled foundation and required material might not be included in the kit.
  • Shingles or other roofing materials are not included.



The shipping is free to continental United States.* Free delivery is a curbside only and due to package size might not be unloaded with the lift gate, the customer is responsible for opening the package and unloading it from the truck, the separate parts are relatively light and it takes about 45 minutes for two people to unload the shed.
* Other fees and restrictions may apply


All our products have 1 year limited warranty. If you are using our assembly service we are providing 10 years limited warranty.

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